olive juice. (olvejuice) wrote,
olive juice.

taekn from taecyeon (oho see what I did there?)

1- Pick twenty ships and post pictures for all of them.
2- Members of your flist reply and ask you questions about said ships, for certain bits of headcanon, etc. Basically anything.
3- Or, they can also just squee.

- Not in ranking order, just grouped pictures up with similiar perseon after the 'single' pairings
- Yes I did 28 ships. I couldn't help it
-  Half of these are random, half of these aren't
- If we put everyone together, this would be like a triple rainbow octagon! Almost everyone is connected
-  My individual biases are obvious
- I like het pairings. A lot. 8(
- This is not including my non-asian otps. But I decided to stop here

I'm so happy I did this. I dont even.
Comment about them and I'd be happy to answer some questions (8 


EDIT: It was all in fours but then it messed up my layout so now it's in twos :[ I'm sad. I just thought I'd let you know

Tags: hetships ftw, i love ships okay, meme, otps, random otp
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