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[ fanfic ] all at once - multi chapter - 001

 All at Once [ 001 ]
Before he had MBLAQ, before he became G.O, before she had After School, before the huge fanbases, variety shows, endorsements and fame. They were just Byunghee and Jooyeon, two young people taking chances, chasing dreams and falling in love a lot farther than either of them ever planned to fall.
A/N: Inspired by Alex’s My Vintage Romance album. Like seriously almost every song from the whole album I’m basing of this fanfic. Basically it’s the progression of G.O and Jooyeon’s relationship since day one until now. It was supposed to be one-shot but now it’s multiple..shots. Right. :]

Lee Jooyeon believed in fate. An unplanned moment or event that can bring two people together. Some random run-in with a stranger who will turn out to be someone you could be immediately attracted to (A belief highly influenced from all those dramas she watched ).

Jung Byunghee believed in chemistry or a spark. That all it took was one conversation or the way you could look in someone’s eyes that can instantly bring two strangers together. ( A belief influenced and learned by many hits and miss relationships in his life. )

Waltz Lesson

Hey, don’t worry, let’s do it again one, two, three

To the front, heel and toe, you’re doing well

Please remember this feeling

You and I are still awkwardly tuning our hearts

Now it’s merely beginning

“Sick?! What do you mean you’re sick? We are supposed to meet up to practice!” she hissed to the receiver of her cellphone, sitting on the dance room floor. “Practice on my own? But it’s a waltz! I can’t dance on my own if it’s a couple dance! Aish. Fine. Whatever. I’ll figure it out”

Lee Jooyeon immediately hung up her phone, falling back onto the floor beneath her and kicking her feet a bit in frustration. Tomorrow morning their dance teacher was going to review the dance that was taught this week and she still didn’t feel confident that she had it completely down. Tonight she was planning to meet with her partner but he just had to get a stomach flu and now she was left alone, unsure of what she could do.  “What am I going to do...” Jooyeon needed to be in good standing of the company so she could get closer to being recommended for an actual debut under Pledis. Being an ulzzang could only go so far but not far enough.

The sound of a throat clearing was heard along with a faint knock at the open door.

She turned around and there stood a young man by the doorway dressed in gray hoodie, polo shirt and jeans. He was of average height with a normal build, short black hair, and had a scruffy mustache and goatee along his upper lip and chin. Jooyeon knew who he was but wasn't sure of his name. All she knew was that he was part of that R&B group called TYKEYS. He and two other members came by for practice after she and a few other trainees were finished with their dance lesson every other day. Even if  they crossed paths numerous times, not one word was ever exchanged since they always seemed so busy. Jooyeon stood up immediately, bowing in greeting and he flashed a small smile of acknowledgment, bowing back at her.

“..Is this room taken?” he asked, scratching the back of his head a bit , glancing around the room slightly. Jooyeon shook her head sighing. “Kind of. And this is the only one open for tonight, I’m afraid” she replied with a bit of a sheepish smile.

He nods a bit absentmindedly at her reply, lips pursing to the side. “It’s okay. I will come back tomorrow then” he stated casually with a light shrug and turned his heel to the opposite direction. But before he was about to leave, an idea came to Jooyeon’s mind.

“Wait! I could offer the room for you” She watched as he turned back to give a bit of a curious look. “If...you could help me with something?” The young man leaned against the doorway, blinking a few times before asking...

“What is it?”

“Do you know how to waltz?” She asked as casually as she could, inwardly hoping he would say yes. He had a bit of a thoughtful expression before answering.

“Hm. Well I had to learn how for my sister’s wedding so...”

“Perfect!” Jooyeon suddenly responded, bouncing with a huge amount of enthusiasm that caused him in give a surprised expression. She cleared her throat in embarrassment before speaking once more. “I mean..great. Well, I have to do a dance for tomorrow and would you mind being my partner a few minutes? Just to..help me with like my form or if I’m off beat and so forth”

She was afraid he was going to decline at her sudden forward requests but instead an amused smile crosses his lips followed by a light chuckle. “Yeah sure” he replied as he stepped further inside the room, setting his gym bag off by the side. “What are the steps?”

From there on, Jooyeon reached over to take his hand to show him what she knows, and he follows along her movements, soon enough able to keep up with her pace. (Thankfully, he tells her that the dance he learned was almost similar to the waltz he learned for his sister's wedding) They count softly together as they moved along to the steps. Whenever she missed a step, he corrected her, gently holding onto her hand as they repeated the routine until they moved in rhythm. And as they were dancing, she is surprised how comfortable he looked holding onto her as he danced with her. She however stares down at her feet whenever they moved, counting her steps.

They begin to start using the music and she looks at his face this time, noting how very handsome he was up close. When their eyes meet, he smiles softly at her and that caused her to...step on his foot. She frantically apologizes over and over again, bowing multiple times. ("I'm so sorry! Are you okay?! Do you need ice?") Thankfully, after rubbing his foot for a few seconds, he just laughed and brushed it off, returning back to his spot. ("I'll survive, I'll survive. Let's start from the top") After a few more trials, Jooyeon finally gets used to looking into his eyes as they moved along the music that she forgets she’s finally on beat and counts. Soon enough, the song is over and he began to clap his hands in congratulations. She’s surprised how soon it all happen but a proud smile reached her lips as she thanks him, bowing gratefully at him for her help.

“No problem. It was fun. Even if I might have a bruised foot” he joked, letting out a lighthearted laugh and she couldn’t help but chuckle, a more embarrassed tone filled her laughter.

“Thank you so much. I owe you though” she said with a relieved sigh, now confident in her dance movements as she was packing up her stuff, making her way towards the door. And before she turns to wave him goodbye, he suddenly asks outloud...

“How about...we meet up for coffee some time?”

Jooyeon blinked multiple times, mouth gaping in surprise from the sudden question ( glad at the moment that she was facing the direction of the door.)  It amazed her how casually he could ask her out. But she still turned around to give a reply.

“Yeah, my treat” she replied just as casually, flashing a smile. And it amazes her how easily she agreed to his offer. And he grins at her slightly, a pleased look at her response. 

They exchange numbers briefly, typing each other's names onto their phones before handing it back to each other and Jooyeon waves goodbye this time before heading to where she was staying at. As she walked along the sidewalk, Jooyeon glanced down her phone, browsing to look at her new listed contact, mumbling his name under her breath. 

"Jung Byunghee"

A grin crosses her lips from reading it out loud and she hummed happily to herself as she walked back to her current residence.

A moment shared by two complete strangers. A moment she experienced, wondering where it could lead to after that.
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