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[ fanfic ] all at once - multi chapter - 002

All at Once [ 002 ]
Before he had MBLAQ, before he became G.O, before she had After School, before the huge fanbases, variety shows, endorsements and fame. They were just Byunghee and Jooyeon, two young people taking chances, chasing dreams and falling in love a lot farther than either of them ever planned to fall.
A/N: Inspired by Alex’s My Vintage Romance album. Like seriously almost every song from the whole album I’m basing of this fanfic. Basically it’s the progression of G.O and Jooyeon’s relationship since day one until now. It was supposed to be one-shot but now it’s multiple..shots. Right. :]
A/N#2: Hello from many months later ~_~ I'm definitely still continuing this series! Actually I've been inspired to continue this again because it's withoutchange 's birthday 8) Happy birthday bb! This (and this whole series) is for you~

A Good Day

Smiling, without knowing
I laugh when I think of you
I wonder if you’ll approve of how I look
I keep thinking
What would it be like if we linked arms today?
Shall we hold hands; I can see you over there
Today is such a day of good feelings…

“So you’ve been on TV?!” exclaimed Jooyeon a bit too loudly, with a wide-eyed expression, nearly standing up from the table she was sitting at. Sitting across from her was Jung Byunghee, the young man who she had met at the studio, calmly glancing up at her as he took a sip of his own coffee.

“We had promotions on music shows...” he replied with a smile as he set his cup down. “They finished about two months ago so now we’re just preparing for our next release. Along with going to interviews, radio shows, and performing live here and there...”

It had been a few days since their first meet up. They both found time within the week to actually meet up for coffee. With a few texts here and there, they met up at a cafe near the building where they had practice. After buying coffee (or more so Jooyeon treating Byunghee like she had promised), they had took a spot in the corner of the cafe and began talking. After addressing topics of what year they were born (“Ah we’re both chingu!”) and where they grew up at, they were now onto the topic of their current occupations.

“You’re really getting up there huh?” Jooyeon said, lowering to her seat when she realized how excited her reaction was (and the number of eyes that she felt on her). He couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle but kept his composure as he was watching her. 

“Hopefully. I really hope we’ll get to the top soon.” he stated as he cradled the cup in his hand, looking down upon it as he was smiling to himself. Jooyeon kept her gaze on him, again noting his handsome features. In that moment of silence, she also noted his expression was almost wistful. Before staring at him for too long, his eyes looked up to meet hers.

“Because if we were already at the top, you would’ve known about me by now.”

Jooyeon blinked a bit in surprise at his comment, waving her hand a bit.

“No! I do know you! And your group!” 

“Do you really? You seemed surprised when I said I was on TV...” he mused a bit, tilting his head. He now had an amused expression, at least when it came to his smile, his eyes however remained with a composed look which made Jooyeon unsure if it was a serious statement or not.

“I do. I mean...only briefly” she said frowning a bit to herself before letting out a small sigh. “I remember you guys had walked in for practice about a month ago as my practice group was leaving. A friend of mine that was walking next to me had whispered ‘That’s the group TYKEYS!’ and I looked at her asking ‘Who?’ And she explained ‘Ah an R&B group...I saw them perform live. They’re really talented.’ And that’s the most I’ve heard of. So I know of you!”

She didn’t know why she had the urge to prove herself, prove that she had noticed him before. At the same time, she didn’t want to appear as if she was stalking him. Jooyeon was just amazed now knowing the path TYKEYS was on. She was just in awe that the man sitting in front of her was already living the lifestyle that she had been dreaming and practicing for for years. She had so many questions to ask him but at the same time she didn’t want to scare him off.

“But you definitely stand out to me...out of the three...” Jooyeon ended her ramble with that last statement, scratching her head a bit. There was a small moment of silence until Byunghee’s voice filled that gap.


“Ah..? Ah? Was that really all he needed to say?” She had thought to herself.

“What?” she asked, blinking a bit in confusion. Byunghee looked towards her direction, frowning a little at her (which made her a bit anxious about what he was going to say next...)

“Do I only stand out because of my mustache?” he asked with a serious expression, stroking his chin a bit even though she noted that the smile that perched on the corner of his lips was a lot more noticeable.

“Are...are you making fun of me??” she complained, scratching her head a bit and sighing (though that was more so a sigh of relief). His light laugh filled the air, obviously amused that he broke that faux tension between them.

“No. The way you react is funny to me...” Byunghee said with a smile, lifting his cup to take another sip of his coffee. Jooyeon sat there a bit embarrassed that she thought he was actually bothered that she didn’t know ‘who’ he was prior to meeting him. Or more so not knowing the success his group had obtained so far.

“It’s okay if you dont know everything about my group. We’re just only rising so it’s expected.” he said calmly as he set his cup down and reached over to grab a knife and the bagel she had bought earlier. “But I wasn’t angry at all about you not knowing a lot. I'm not like that~”

“I do know the basics though...” Jooyeon spoke up once again. “I guess I just have more to learn and--”

“You stand out too, you know”

He suddenly said as he dipped his knife onto the small contained of cream cheese. Jooyeon was stopped mid-sentence by what he said, blinking a few times as she was letting his words sink in.

“I do?” She repeated, looking at him with a surprised look on her face. She wondered how she stood out since she wasn’t in a group that had debuted yet. And there were many trainees that have walked in and out of the building.

“Mmhm. There’s something about you that caught my eye”

“How so?”

He took his time to finish spreading the cream onto one side of the bagel before answering her question.

“Because you’re pretty. Prettiest girl I’ve came across, to be honest. Pretty in your own way; in a way that you stand out from the rest.”

It amazed Jooyeon how easily Byunghee could say things like this. Without sounding overly cheesy or creepy. He made it sound normal, but not too normal where the words flew out from one ear to another. They were complimentary and sweet. It wasn’t that she never been complimented before; she had heard it several times (being a ulzzang and all) but the way he said it was just different. It had stunned her a bit.

“Ah...thank you” was the only response that came out of her lips as her hand found it’s way to scratching the back of her neck sheepishly. Byunghee took a bite from his bagel and smiled at her, swallowing his food before replying “You’re welcome”

Suddenly his phone began to ring and he reached over to rummage through his pockets before taking the call. After a few mmhms, and okays, he said goodbye before hanging up, slipping his cellphone back in his pocket.

“I actually have to get going now” he announced as he took a napkin to reach over to wrap his unfinished half of the bagel. Jooyeon nodded, now knowing his schedule was probably a lot busier than her own though some part of her was a bit sadden about how fast time flew by. She had so much more to talk to him about, so much more things she wanted to learn about him...

“Today was really good, Byunghee-ssi” she said with a smile as she stood up to reach out to shake his hand. And Byunghee smiled at her in a charming way, as he reached over to take her hand and shake it, bowing a bit.

“It was. It was a good talk. I’ll see you around, Jooyeon-ssi” he said as he smiled at her, slowly letting go of her hand. Jooyeon smiled back at him before she walked over to return to her seat.


She looked up when he called to her again and Byunghee was there, still standing before her.

“How about...we meet up once or twice a week? This cafe at this same time? I’m usually free from schedule around these times. I mean...I do see you around practice and all...but having more days like these would be good, dont you think?”

Sometimes Jooyeon wonders if Byunghee could read her mind sometimes being that she was just wondering when she was going to see him again. But she decided not to question it too much and smiled over at him, approving of his suggestion.

“You’re treating for me next time”

“Will do” he replied with a grin and a small wave. “I’ll talk to you later”

Jooyeon watched as he walked out of the cafe and out of her sight. She sighed happily to as she finished off her cup of coffee, wondering if it was strange to already feel so comfortable and close to someone after one good conversation.

And if it was strange that she was more than eager to have more conversations and meetings with him in the future.
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